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Branch Banking Survey Shows Managers Waste Almost 25% Of Their Time On Scheduling

Cash Automation Solutions Banking Industry According to Deloitte, in 2018, automation technologies “can allow for a 50% capacity increase in certain processes”. Through deploying automation in their branches, banks have also seen improvements in productivity, greater reports of staff satisfaction, and increases in productivity. With the exciting new addition of the MEBIS+ Awards, this event […]

Branch Automation Vendors: Comparing Solutions for Small and Midsize Banks

Omnichannel Banking and Workflow Automation to Create a Modern, Customer-Focused IT Environment Digital Cambodia Webinar Summary This is vital in a market where fewer customers now have direct relationships with bank managers or their branches. Using personalisation and customer experience to build loyalty is certain to be a key feature of retail banking as consumers […]

Development of chatbots for business SMART business

How Chatbots Can Redefine Your Sales Process Social media chatbots are some of the fastest-growing bots in the marketplace. The value it provides your customers should dictate how you design and implement a Facebook Messenger chatbot. Or, if your marketing team plans to make Facebook Messenger a more pivotal part of your efforts, then a […]

Sales Intelligent Assistant Chatbot For Sales

Effective Use of Chatbots to Enhance the Customer Service Experience They need a lot of data in order to be trained and to understand users’ requests properly. Beyond being mobile-friendly and servicing customers on the go, chatbots can also provide customer support 24/7. You will no longer need to worry about business hours or timezones […]